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Hyderabad: Additional Director-General of Police (ADGP), Women Safety Wing (WSW), Swati Lakra on Thursday said the police departments from other States were evincing interest to emulate the concept of SHE Teams and special training given to students to control cybercrimes.

The use of mobile phones and the internet increased significantly during lockdown. At the same time, the number of cybercrimes also increased. Since cybercrimes cannot be controlled only by the police department, 3,300 students from 1,650 high schools in 33 districts in the State underwent special training.

These students called as cyber ambassadors would sensitise their elders in their villages and towns to prevent cybercrimes. In case of any kind of difficulties, people must dial 100 and contact SHE Teams, she said.

Swati Lakra was speaking at the “CybHER III”, the phase three programme under Cyber Congress initiative of the WSW. As the 10-month long programme was completed, the WSW celebrated the accomplishment at a spectacular finale titled “Cyberathon” on Thursday.

The Cyber Congress was jointly organised by the WSW and the State Education department to sensitise students about the increasing cybercrimes.

Commissioner, School Education department, A Devasena said large scale changes were being made in the schools in the State. “We are making academic plans every year for the holistic development of the students,” she explained, adding that libraries were being set up in every school.

Over 3,300 cyber ambassadors, 1,650 mentor-teachers, volunteer-mentors, headmasters and other stakeholders from 33 districts of Telangana participated in the implementation of the project.
During the last 10 months, 100 students and 50 teachers from each district were trained to become cyber ambassadors through 80 virtual training sessions utilising a standardised Learning Management System (LMS).

The important topics like cyber bullying, financial frauds, online gaming and other relevant cyber safety and security measures to improve their knowledge on prevention and redressal mechanisms of cybercrimes were covered.

The cyber ambassadors will be acting as a catalyst and agents of change by promoting the importance of women’s safety in cyberspaces by coordinating with the local SHE Teams in their schools and community.




Author: Howard Caldwell