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Cupertino (California): The much-anticipated update to Apple‘s AirPods Pro is now here. The firm revealed a second-generation pair of the popular noise-cancelling earbuds with a fresh H2 chip on Wednesday at its “Far Out” event, promising greater music quality and double the noise cancellation.

As per The Verge, the latest AirPods Pro also includes a new charging case with Find My Support and a built-in speaker to help you keep track of them (and a loop where you can attach a lanyard if you want another way to carry the case around). You’ll be able to charge the case with an Apple Watch charger as well as a Lightning cord or a Qi or MagSafe charger. Furthermore, Apple claims that the AirPods Pro has a longer battery life, six hours on a single charge.

The new earbuds will cost USD 249 and will be available for purchase (pre-order) on September 9. They’ll be out on September 23 to be purchased from the retail stores. The new AirPods Pro will also feature an extra small ear tip, which may be a better fit for some ears.

Apple’s inaugural AirPods Pro was unveiled in October 2019 through a press release rather than during a product event. They went on to become enormously successful, not because of their audio fidelity, which has since been surpassed by Sony, Samsung, Google, and other competitors, but because they integrate so well with the iPhone and other Apple devices.

As revealed by The Verge, the AirPods Pro has been surpassed in noise cancelling by Sony and Bose at this time, but their transparency mode remains best in class even after two years.



Author: Howard Caldwell