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Hyderabad: People from all age groups are now enjoying the convenience of digital banking, but it comes at a huge risk. To caution people against the different kinds of cyber frauds, Bank of Baroda (BoB), the fourth largest nationalised bank in India, has started a creative campaign on social media called Cyber Jagrookta Diwas campaign. With the help of informative short videos, BoB has been giving people tips on how to ensure the safety of their bank accounts.

In one of the videos, we see a couple de-stressing by enjoying a pedicure and facial. This is when the husband receives a call from a fraudster who tells him that his debit card has been blocked and he has to tell her his debit card details and PIN to unblock it. He simply puts down the call and tells his wife it was a conwoman.

“When you have an eye to sense frauds and recognise fraudsters, your relaxed time stays stress-free. Your bank will never ask you to share your banking details like OTP, CVV, or PIN. So if you get a call asking it, simply #PehchaanCon and make banking even safer,” wrote BoB’s official Instagram account along with the video.

In another video, a woman watching TV is disturbed by a scam call where she is informed that she’s won a lucky draw and has to share her banking details to get her money. The woman immediately calls her a ‘con’.

The #PehchannCon campaign was launched to celebrate Bank of Baroda’s 115-year anniversary. Here are some other interesting videos:






Author: Howard Caldwell