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For over six years, US aerospace giant Boeing Company has been supporting Shishu Mandir, a community school based in Bengaluru and teaching them about STEM concepts through hands-on training.

What exactly is Boeing India doing?

The company’s engagement with Shishu Mandir, to help accelerate STEM learning and future employability – for communities economically or otherwise disadvantaged and lacking access to opportunities.

In a recent conversation with Financial Express Online in New Delhi, Torbjorn (Turbo) Sjogren, vice president, International Government and Defence, Boeing Global Services said: “I first learned of Shishu Mandir School during my visit to Bengaluru in February 2021. That is when I decided that I must begin my visit from there next. The stories I heard from the extraordinary students at Shishu Mandir are heartbreaking and tremendously inspiring at the same time. I could not believe these children came from nothing, many of them from extremely challenging backgrounds, and are today doing so well not just as students, but as individuals and personalities in their own right.”

What exactly is Boeing as a company doing?

Boeing India began its engagement with Shishu Mandir Education Centre, Bengaluru, in 2014, as part of Boeing Global Engagement (BGE) initiatives.

At that time a small team of volunteers would teach in-person classes on specific academic topics during select weekends. Since then, the initiative and Boeing’s involvement has grown by leaps and bounds.

Today, a large team of volunteers conduct academic tuitions in Mathematics and Science for grade 10 students, valuable soft skills training, personality development classes, and career counseling sessions.

“I have asked several Boeing global executives to visit and see that here is among the finest examples of the values The Boeing Company stands for – not the investments Boeing has made – but the Boeing India volunteers who have become mentors and guardians for these children. The Boeing volunteers’ commitment to these children is truly a demonstration of what The Boeing Company is made of,” Torbjorn (Turbo) Sjogren, vice president, International Government and Defence, Boeing Global Services, added.

More about Boeing Global Engagement and Shishu Mandir School Initiative

As a socially responsible business leader, Boeing is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities in which it operates. Over the years, through its various Boeing Global Engagement community initiatives, Boeing has positively impacted more than 500,000 lives in India via supporting programs across education, sanitation, and healthcare.


Last year, Boeing India collaborated with Shishu Mandir to install a new state-of-the-art STEM lab in the school premises, to empower students with practical, real-world experiences and enhance their critical-thinking, problem-solving, and creative abilities – all of which will enable children to thrive in their future careers. Equipped with educational and Boeing-inspired design kits, and hand-picked gadgets, the lab not only benefits the students of the school but children in nearby communities.

In May 2022, 19 Shishu Mandir students mentored by Boeing India volunteers passed with first division marks in their grade 10 examinations. Seven students scored distinction, of which Bhavani S. stood out as top scorer with 99.36% aggregate marks and 100% marks in Mathematics and Science.

What is a Mentorship Programme?

As part of employee volunteering for Shishu Mandir, Boeing India volunteers started a mentorship program – an initiative to help children continue their academic lives and STEM careers after grade 10. As part of the program, every child is assigned a dedicated Boeing mentor who spends considerable hours conducting live and virtual sessions to help drive STEM learning and develop life-skills among students for future employability. This effort has led to a significant increase in students opting for STEM learning and careers.



Author: Howard Caldwell