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Hyderabad: BPO/BPM services company ICCS sees Hyderabad as a vital component for the firm’s growth and plans to ramp up its hiring in the city in the coming few months. The company that has built its second base in Hyderabad with a workforce of 500 people is preparing for another round of hiring and intends to bring on 1,000-plus personnel by the end of the fiscal year.

ICCS founder and CEO Divij Singhal said, “Hyderabad is a tier 2 city that is gradually expanding as a cutting-edge technical hub for all firms in all industries, including the BPO sector. ICCS, on the other hand, plans to invest in the technologically advanced metropolis for the following reasons as it is becoming a vital component for the firm’s growth.”

The State provides the most accessible infrastructure for establishing a business, he said adding, “We are preparing a massive hiring spree to support the expansion, intending to bring on 1000 competent personnel by the end of the fiscal year.”

Singhal also added that the company will be looking at categories like customer service, business acquisition, customer satisfaction surveys, and customer engagement procedures for hiring.

ICCS is known for delivering services to domestic clients and has the most diversified portfolio including government, DTH, e-commerce, banking, FMCG, fintech, and more. It offers an array of solutions, including back office services, chat and e-mail, finance and edtech, BFSI, insurance, accounting, tech support, and recruitment process outsourcing. Its expertise lies in customer onboarding, retention, collections, customer service via omnichannel support, and automation of chat and email field support, which includes services like customer service, answering service, inquiry handling, technical support, helpdesk, and order taking.




Author: Howard Caldwell