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Hyderabad city police
Hyderabad city police

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad City Police generated revenue of Rs 64, 63,200 lakh through the auctioning of seized and abandoned vehicles.

 The auction was held at Goshamahal police grounds on Tuesday under the supervision of the Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad city.

A total of 1150 seized and abandoned vehicles were auctioned on Tuesday.

Of the 1150 vehicles up for auction, 1060 abandoned scrap vehicles fetched Rs 53,05,000. Apart from that, 82 roadworthy vehicles were auctioned for Rs 11,58,200 in the auction. The total amount received from the auction comes to Rs 64,63,200.

The vehicles were put up for auction after vehicle owners failed to redeem them despite notifying the owners through press releases.

Chairman of auction committee Sri Karthikeya, Jt. CP, CAR Hqrs, along with other officers, requested bidders to bid for vehicles fairly.

Bidders from both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh took part in the event.



Author: Howard Caldwell