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Hyderabad: A viral video has surfaced online showing the killing of motorcycle riders who threaten and rob citizens in Brazil, claiming that it is allowed by the Brazilian government. While the former part is true, the claims that the Brazilian government has permitted the civilians to kill the robbers are not.

According to the Indonesian news site, the accidents seen in the video occurred in April. The reports further state that the motorists injured in the video were in-fact robbers.

The video, which was uploaded by the Twitter account @DeniPetron, captures several actions of the robbers, who are later injured. In the video, it appears the robbers were attempting to stop the cars on the road but were eventually hit by them.

However, this video is simply a compilation of several crimes that occurred in the country and has nothing to do with the Brazilian government.

Watch the video here:

Condemning the acts in the video, several people on twitter reacted saying that it is a violation of human rights.



Author: Howard Caldwell