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Hyderabad: Spending a few hours with complete concentration is better than sitting for long hours with books with little or no concentration, says Cyberabad Police Commissioner M Stephen Raveendra. In a chat with Telangana Today, the Commissioner shares that 3,800 job aspirants have joined for the three-month training conducted by the Cyberabad Police.

Intensive Coaching:

We are aiming at more intensive coaching than in the past and have divided the training into two types – theoretical and physical. Apart from teaching, study material is provided for free and mock tests too will be conducted. The training will be monitored by Deputy Commissioners of Police from each zone. In fact, the Shamshabad Zone stood first in the State to have started the training this year, followed by Balanagar and Madhapur zones. We are being supported by private coaching centres and resources persons.

Focus on aspirants from rural areas:

We are prioritising youth from rural and semi-rural areas because job aspirants from urban areas have enough access to coaching centres, study material, guidance and resources. But rural youth, though they have aptitude and skillset, lack proper guidance and support. It is a golden opportunity for them to get into the police force and we are trying to facilitate them.
Response to training:

The response is overwhelming and we got a huge number of applications. After scrutiny, nearly 3,800 candidates from all zones with a majority from Shamshabad zone were selected for the training. Our Sub-inspectors and constable officers who recently got into the force with the help of the PRT training are acting as guides and mentors to current aspirants, which will be an encouraging factor.

Mentors from police department:

People who are teaching candidates and those who are mentoring are from the police department and have first-hand experience in the force. They know it better than any resource person from any other coaching centre. Unlike private coaching centres, where job aspirants mainly the underprivileged, this is absolutely free training and reliable as it is conducted by the department.
Any plans for training Group-I and II aspirants?

I think there should be no need as the training provided in this training is quite intense that the job aspirants will be able to appear for other competitive exams too.

On time spent on preparations:
Whenever one starts preparing for competitive exams, one of the first questions or suggestions is on the number of preparation hours we need to put in. According to me, for any exam, focus on the subjects, a well-planned approach and sticking to schedule is important. Spending a few hours a day with complete concentration on the topics is better than sitting for long hours with little or no concentration.



Author: Howard Caldwell