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Hyderabad: We often see people playing devotional and filmy songs on the DJ system during the Ganesh procession, but the organisers of a vehicle were seen playing qawwali on the music system yesterday during the Ganesh procession at Charminar.

The video was shared by a journalist named Ashish on his Twitter account on 9 September.

In the video, devotees were seen dancing to the song “Bhardo Jhooli Meri Ya Mohammed”  that was being played on the music system when the procession was passing through the Mecca Masjid road.

“Apna Hyderabad!! “Bhardo Jhooli Meri Ya Mohammed” qawwali was played by organisers and celebrated by devotees during the #GanpatiVisarjan when the procession was passing the historic Mecca Masjid at Charminar on Friday,” read the post from Ashish.

The video is an example of Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb, the unity and brotherhood of Hindu–Muslims, of Hyderabad.



Author: Howard Caldwell