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Hyderabad: Imagine you plug in your earphones and play your favourite song. But all you hear is a low humming voice and motorised music. Will you feel good and still want to hear the song? Absolutely NOT! But, this isn’t a problem anymore because VARNi Technology has brought something new and extraordinary!

This company is growing super fast in the mobile accessories market. And what about the amazing things they have brought? Well, VARNi has launched a new product called the VARNi X6 Sound Neckband! And these wireless earphones are here to offer you superior quality music and enrich your experience. This piece will surpass all the other sound neck bands. We’re sure you, too, want to have one.

The VARNi X6 Sound Neckband is made with the latest technology and a tinge of innovation. From what we can see during the first use of the VARNi X6 Sound Neckband, the music is clear and crisp, and you are able to hear every note. The design of this piece is also great. It looks elegant, simple, and very professional at the same time.

They come in a white forest colour and can be connected with Bluetooth. Furthermore, the VARNi X6 Sound Neckband will also complement your fashion flair. So, you can also wear it with any of your outfits.

VARNi Technology is a made-in-India brand, and we ought to tell you that they produce such must-have products. From wireless earphones to earbuds and headphones, you will get every type of earphone. Besides these, VARNi also has power banks, chargers, car chargers, speakers, cables, etc.

The founder of VARNi is Kishan Mali, and this man has used all this experience and hard work to create a brand that people will cherish for years. A few celebrities and influencers also prefer products from VARNi, like Kush Shah, Paras Arora, Nitanshi Geol, Riya Sharma, Siddharth Nigam, Abhishek Nigam, Arishfa Khan and many more.




Author: Howard Caldwell