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New Delhi: Language experts and academicians are divided on how far Hindi can take the young people in life.

Academicians are of the view that when the significance of Hindi language is increasing in the western countries, then India should also not hesitate to make it the official (working) language. However, some say that there is no need to make Hindi an employable language and it should not be forced up on people.

Some of them say that English is more successful than Hindi in the area of employment. And that is the reason Hindi should be linked with employment and work in various departments.

Academician and member of executive Council, which makes decisions in the Delhi University Ashok Agarwal, said that language has two important aspects — its need and the feelings attached to it.

As per Ashok Agarwal, “In our country, English has become the language of need, while people’s emotions are still attached with Hindi and regional languages. Now, if we want to take forward the Hindi language, it should not be imposed, instead its value should be increased.”

“We all speak Hindi, know Hindi but it cannot be used everywhere. In our country, English is still the ruling language. For a better job and five-star culture, English is given priority. In such circumstances, the importance of Hindi gets reduced,” he added.

Agrawal said, “In such circumstances, if Hindi is imposed on people, it will not have any major impact. So, it is necessary to increase the utility of the language, especially in business areas, government and non-government areas, knowledge, science, court, school and college, which will expand the usage of the language.

Academician C.S. Kandpal said there is a reason for more usage of the English language. The main reason is that the curriculum of schools is in English. When students pass out from school and plan for higher education or focus on career, he /she choose the English language as during the schools they have studied in English medium only.

However, Delhi Teachers’ Association president and DU’s college Hindi department professor Hansraj Suman says that Hindi language is becoming popular in Gulf, Asian and African countries. In many countries of the world, Indian culture and cinema is appreciated.

According to Professor Suman, in 95 foreign universities, Kabir has been included in courses. Besides Kabir, Tagore, Nirala and Gautam Buddha have also been included in courses.

Wherever Kabir and Nirala reached, Hindi has also reached those places. Possibilities of employment have increased in the Hindi language area. Hindi is given importance in countries like Suriname, Vietnam, Cambodia, Fiji and Trinidad.

According to Suman, in western countries, employment opportunities have increased for people who can speak, understand and translate Hindi.

“At a time when the whole world is welcoming Hindi, how can we be behind. Hindi is not only the official language but also the working language. Hindi cinema and Hindi stage have reached every household in India. Now, if the government wants to take Hindi further, then it is a good start. Hindi should be made compulsory till Class 10. The government should take such steps so that Hindi’s influence can be increased in higher studies,” Suman added.




Author: Howard Caldwell