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Nalgonda: Feud between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh police once again erupted on restriction on their movement on the dam of Nagarjuna Sagar Project on Tuesday night.

The issue took place when personnel of Special Police Force of Telangana state did not allow the vehicle of Andhra Pradesh civil police on to the dam. The Andhra Pradesh Police picked up an argument with Telangana police personnel saying they have judicial power to come up to 13th gate of NSP.

The higher officials of AP and Telangana police swung into action to resolve the issue.

When the gates of NSP lifted a week ago, the AP police officials had not allowed the vehicles into their state from Telangana side through the dam. They questioned how could the vehicles of SPF of Telangana have right to enter into their station through the dam when they don’t have rights to come onto the dam. The issue was continuing since the last 10 days

AP police had also earlier filed cases against the SPF personnel of Telangana when they were going to outpost at right bank through their territory citing different reason.

AP police officers said they have filed a case on an SPF constable of Telangana for consuming liquor in open place. Another case was also filed for not having valid papers for the vehicles in which TS SPF personnel were travelling. They were also checking the vehicles coming into their state from AP through lower bridge at NSP to check the illegal transportation of the liquor into their state from Telangana.

A police office of TS SPF, on the condition of anonymity, told that the issue was continuing for the last 10 days at the dam. Efforts were going on to resolve the issue amicably.



Author: Howard Caldwell