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Aditya Sharma, the young social activist who is also the State co-convener of social media at Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (Madhya Bharat) is all set to take the nation towards betterment with his upcoming plans. Hailing from Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh, Aditya has always been the one who dedicated all he could to helping underprivileged people. With a diverse mindset and emphatic nature, Aditya started Givebharat Social Welfare Foundation which aims to help the students in every possible way. He is always there for people and remains connected to them via his Twitter @adityasharma_mp.

To take it to the next step, Aditya has decided to collaborate with Afzal Anis. First HelpCare NGO founder Afzal is also a renowned entrepreneur and digital marketer who has worked his way up to success at a very young age. Afzal Anis started this initiative to create a common platform for people to raise funds & deliver to those who need it the most. First HelpCare NGO was started by Afzal Anis to ensure that help reaches every home. There are certain sections of society with problems the people are unaware of and First HelpCare reaches out to them by crowdfunding and social service. On Twitter, you can follow @imafzalanis and @first_helpcare to stay connected.

Givebharat Social Welfare Foundation by Aditya is all ready to collaborate with FirstHelpCare because of one motive, which is to elevate society. “When Covid-19 hit India, the unprivileged part of the society had to suffer the most. Even if the situation is better currently, the impact is still there” says Aditya. Givebharat Social Welfare’s one of the main mottos is Bacha Seva Karya and Aditya works his fingers to bones to ensure the foundation remains true to its motto.

While Givebharat Social Welfare Foundation is dedicated to children’s well-being, the First HelpCare Organization works as a crowdfunding medium. The entire team ensures that help reaches all parts of society immediately. Afzal says, ” People are still recovering financially from Covid-19’s impact. First HelpCare Organization promises to be with them in every step to ensure that financial problems get eradicated for once and all.”

Aditya and Afzal’s desire to uplift India is the driving force behind this collaboration between the two youth icons. Things may become more difficult for them in the future, but they are both determined to make their dreams come true and make India the way people envision it.



Author: Howard Caldwell