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Hyderabad: There are thousands of words dispersed in the air, stating fitness tricks and tips. However, with so much clutter, it is difficult to guess what is correct and what is a bluff. To your rescue, celebrity fitness coach Omkar Shewale unveils some bog-standard fitness fallacies. Also being a certified nutritionist, Omkar holds considerable experience in the field of fitness and well-being.

So who could guide us better than him? A plethora of young people and fitness enthusiasts spent large sums of money on gym memberships and fitness accessories. Omkar Shewale states that miscellaneous equipment and heavy memberships aren’t always necessary for getting a well-defined physique. Making fitness a part of the lifestyle and being consistent is what matters.

He believes “Fitness starts with a changing lifestyle by including a healthy diet and regular exertions of unwanted fats.” Being a diploma degree holder in personal training, Omkar majorly promotes the notion of being patient while starting with health and fitness strategies or workout sessions.

The changes will not be seen overnight, but it will take months to discern the changes. Talking about more such fitness myths, Omkar says that many people believe that an intense workout daily is a way to get rich quickly. To prove this false, Omkar supports the idea of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and said, “Intense workouts should be followed by serious rest hours. Carrying your body every day to the gym with over- enthusiasm spoils your efforts and body.”

Many fitness freaks also believe in doing static stretches both before and after the workout session. Partly favouring this statement, Omkar believes in dynamic stretches for pre-workout. He asserts his beliefs by saying that cold muscles should be helped by jogging, jumping jacks, and arm swings.

Through his experiences and guidance, Omkar has been training several people to develop a good physique without risking their quality of life.

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Author: Howard Caldwell