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Hyderabad: These practice questions focusing on Indian history will aid aspirants to prepare better for the State government recruitment examinations.

Q. Consider the following chalcolithic cultures with associated sites:
1. Banas Culture – Gilund
2. Gandhara Culture – Ghaligai
3. Savalda Culture – Inamgaon
Which of the above is/are correct?
a) 1 & 2 Only b) 3 Only
c) 2 & 3 Only d) 1, 2 & 3
Ans: d

Q. Who were appointed to ensure the general observance of the rules of morality during the rule of the Mughal Empire?
a) Mir Bakshi b) Wakil c) Muhtasibs d) Wazir
Ans: c

Q. The peasants who owned the land they tilled were known as?
a) Qanungos b) Amil c) Khudkasht d) Karoris
Ans: c

Q. Which of the following Peshwa helped Shahu in his rise to power?
a) Shyampant Kulkarni Ranzekar b) Moropant Trimbak Pingle
c) Balaji Vishwanath d) Sonopant Dabir
Ans: c

Q. Chand Bibi was the ruler of _____:
a) Ahmednagar b) Golconda c) Bijapur d) Satara
Ans: a

Q. Buland Darwaza was built by ____:
a) Aurangzeb b) Akbar c) Babur d) Humayun
Ans: b

Q. Babar was succeeded to the Mughal throne by ____:
a) Sher Shah b) Akbar c) Bahadur Shah d) Humayun
Ans: d

Q. Which monument is known as the ‘Dream in Stones’?
a) Sanchi Stupa b) Ajanta Caves c) Charminar d) Panch Mahal
Ans: d

Q. The ____ dynasty which ruled north India from 1206 to 1290 was established by Qutbuddin Aibak.
a) Lodi b) Tughlaq c) Khilji c) Slave
Ans: d

Q. The 1896 session of Indian National Congress is best known for which among the following?
a) India’s national song was sung for the first time
b) India’s National Anthem was sung for the first time
c) India’s Tricolor Flag was hoisted for the first time
d) None of the above
Ans: a

Q. Which one of the following Bengali drama was directed against polygamy?
a) Bhanumati Chittavikas b) Kulin Kulasarvasva
c) Vidhwa Vivah d) Nava Natak
Ans: b

Q. Who among the following was the French explorer who visited the court of Emperor Shah Jahan and left a detailed account of Takht-i-Taus (Peacock throne)?
a) Jean-Baptiste Tavernier b) Geronimo Verroneo
c) Pierre-Jean Grosley d) Jean-Paul Dubois
Ans: a

Q. The Government of India Act 1935 provided for:
1. Provincial autonomy
2. Establishment of federal court
3. All-India federation at the centre
Which among the above hold correct?
a) 1 only b) 1 & 2 only c) 2 & 3 only c) all of them
Ans: d

Q. In which year, former PM Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated?
a) 1989 b) 1990 c) 1991 d) 1992
Ans: c

Q. Who founded the Banaras Hindu University, the largest residential central university in Asia located in Varanasi?
a) Vivekananda b) Annie Besant
c) Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya d) Jawaharlal Nehru
Ans: c

Q. At which among the following places, the modern armoury was established by Hyder Ali?
a) Mysore b) Dindigul c) Dharmapuri d) Hosur
Ans: b

Q. The dual government introduced by Pitts India Act continued to operate in India, until it was abolished by which of the following laws?
a) Government of India Act 1858 b) Charter Act 1853
c) Indian Councils Act 1861 d) Indian Councils Act 1909
Ans: a

Q. Who among the following is also known as ‘Gandhi of Bihar’?
a) Dr. Rajendra Prasad b) Babu Kunwar Singh
c) Jayaprakash Narayan d) Sheel Bhadra Yajee
Ans: a

Q. Who among the following gave the safety valve theory for Indian National Congress ?
a) Bal Gangadhar Tilak b) Lala Lajpat Rai
c) Bipinchandra Pal d) MN Roy
Ans: b

Q. Both the processes of transfer of power and the Partition of India were hurried through in ____ days.
a) 68 b) 70 c) 72 d) 85
Ans: c

Q. Brihadeshwar temple built by the Cholas in Tanjore is dedicated to which god?
a) Vishnu b) Shiva c) Brahma d) All of the above
Ans: b

Q. Arya Samaj:
1. Discarded all later than Vedas outgrowths
2. Upheld monotheism
3. Confined its educational efforts to Sanskrit studies only
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:
a) Only 1 & 2 b) Only 2 & 3 c) Only 1 & 3 c) 1, 2 & 3
Ans: a

Q. Second round table conference of 1931:
1. Was held during reign of Lord Wellingdon as Viceroy of India
2. Was represented by Gandhi on behalf of INC
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
a) 1 Only b) 2 Only c) Both 1 & 2 d) Neither 1 nor 2
Ans: c

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By K Aloke Kumar


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Author: Howard Caldwell