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Ganapati Visarjan
Ganapati Visarjan

Hyderabad: After several days of pooja, pandals all over the country are preparing for visarjan. While most municipalities focus only on building man-made ponds, one came up with an even more unique way to immerse the idols.

In a video that is doing rounds on the internet, one can see the use of a conveyor belt for Ganpati visarjan. The clip shows small to middle-sized Ganesh idols being immersed in the water body as the conveyor belt moves forwards.

As per the reports, Satej D. Patil from Kolhapur introduced this innovative way of Ganesh immersion a few years ago. As the video surfaced on the internet, while most people appreciated the move, some took offence. They expressed that it bars people from immersing the idols themselves and is not respectable towards the Lord.

Appreciating the move, one user wrote, “How many times we’ve heard of news of boats being capsized during ganpati visarjan resulting in loss of lives. So this method may help preventing these types of accidents (sic).”

In a contrary opinion, “I’m not comfortable with the idol falling in the water from a height. The ‘conveyor belt’ could have been kept touching the water, the idol could have just slided in the water (sic),” another user wrote.




Author: Howard Caldwell