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Hyderabad: We are constantly getting messages that say click the below link to win 1 crore or 10 crores. Most times they are just enticing messages from scamsters reaching out to gullible people to hoodwink them and clean out their bank accounts. However, a few HDFC customers have become crorepatis for a day, without actually having to do anything.

On Sunday, some “lucky” customers were taken aback by the bank’s sms alert that a few crores of rupees got deposited into their account. While a few brushed it aside as a spam message, some actually went ahead to verify their accounts, which turned out to be true. A few others just contacted customer service and alerted them.

“I received this amount on Sunday morning. My husband was checking my phone and first got confused. But, when we tried to make a transaction of Rs 2 lakh, and it went through, we thought there is something wrong and informed the HDFC team and they blocked my account for a while. Later, once the issue was sorted and we returned the amount, the account got unblocked,” said Madhuri G, a HDFC customer from Hyderabad.

Another consumer, Yash Agarwal, compares it to Santa Claus giving and collecting money back, “So midnight @HDFC_Bank decides to become SantaClaus and increase the balance in my wifes account by 1.23 crore (no credit entry). Are they trying to do some sort of scam by randomly using a common citizen’s account? At noon the balance vanished (no debit entry)(sic).”

Hundreds of amusing memes have been circulating on social media around the glitch wherein HDFC accidentally deposited a whopping amount of Rs 1300 crore into the accounts of over 100 customers. a



Author: Howard Caldwell