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It can be difficult to get back into studying after a long break. For students who are gearing up for competitive exams following a break, there may be issues of confidence concerns or friction during the preparation.

Giving his insight on how to eliminate the friction, Dr Veerender, a psychologist at You n Me counselling centre, says that the key to success is a combination of developing a routine, finding motivation, and discipline.

Find motivation

Students should realise that the effort they are going to put in today will benefit them for the rest of their lives. create an environment that is conducive to your academic pursuits. The environment should encourage you to study. Put motivational posters, images, and goals in your study space to serve as a reminder. Divide large goals into smaller ones and constantly check if you’re meeting them.
Discipline and planning.

Few students get right into the study mode, while the majority of students have difficulty focusing. They’ll be spending a lot of time planning, thinking, and brooding on the past, which will reduce their self-esteem.

Organised time tables will help you. Begin with reading for two hours each morning and evening, take breaks, and gradually increase the time. Strictly adhere to the time tables for a few days to become used to it. It’s quite acceptable to decline invitations from friends and focus on studies. Don’t be guilty over it.

Take regular breaks

You might not be able to sit for long periods at first. So, instead of sitting for six or seven hours straight, take short breaks every 45 minutes. One hour of physical exercise allows your body to get enough oxygen, which refreshes your brain and allows you to concentrate for long periods of time on your studies.

Study group

Participate in a vibrant, constructive study group of students with the same goals. Organise meetings on a regular basis to allow people to discuss their thoughts and opinions. Don’t get caught up in other people’s perspectives; instead, create your own.

Be self-aware

It is necessary to be self-aware. Know your strengths and weaknesses. As needed, preserve, attain, avoid, and eliminate the qualities to achieve your goals. This helps you understand your personality and is useful for competitive exam preparation.

Have confidence

Majority of students are apprehensive about taking these exams or may be under-confident based on their previous performance. You must realise that your future is different from your past. Anything can be accomplished through effort; all you need to know is how much work you need to put in and where you stand. Don’t assess yourself by someone else’s standards.

Have a mentor

Have a mentor who guides you on your strengths and limitations at all times. Anyone who has cleared such competitive exams like professors or seniors, or anybody who has the knowledge on the subject and can check on you on a regular basis can be a mentor.

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Author: Howard Caldwell