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Hyderabad: The Hyderabad City Police, who have been using BSNL cellular services for official communication for several years now, have gone in for a change in the service provider.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Airtel has been signed and the City Police would be changing to the new service provider by replacing the present numbers with new sets of numbers from Monday.

The new series for Hyderabad Police will be starting from 87126-60-XXX and 87126-61-XXX. In these two series, the last 3 digits are arranged in a logical order for the convenience of the general public and easy identification, officials said.

The new series of mobile numbers will come into operation from September 12. However, in emergency the citizens can reach on Dial 100 round the clock.

Numbers/ Series allotted – Officer/Unit

87126-60-001 – Police Commissioner, Hyderabad

87126-60-002 – Additional Commissioner (Law and Order)

87126-60-003 – Additional Commissioner (Crime and SIT)

87126-60-004 – Joint Commissioner CCS and Detective Department.

87126-60-005 – Joint Commissioner (Special Branch)

87126-60-006- Joint Commissioner (Admin)

87126-60-007 – Joint Commissioner (Traffic)

87126-60-008 – Joint Commissioner (CAR)

87126- 60 -000 – Main Police Control Room

87126- 61 -000 – Main Police Control Room

87126-60-600 – Traffic Police Control Room.



Author: Howard Caldwell