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Hyderabad: A little periodical check-up can reduce the chances of replacing and repairing your air-conditioner and its parts. A systematic Air Conditioner (AC) unit uses less energy which results in quick cooling of the room. Furthermore, the machine will last longer and with lesser chances of breakdowns.

As a result, AC consumes lesser power and you will save money on your electricity bills. Whether you have a whole house or one-room air conditioner, it should undergo regular maintenance to make it perform well.

Here are some tips
Keep an eye on Air Filters: If any AC has a reusable filter, then it is necessary to clean it once a month, especially during summer. Else, the filter will be full of dust, dirt, and allergen particles, which will result in less airflow.

Guard Air Conditioner’s Coil: Evaporator and condenser coils in the AC accumulate dirt over time and it needs to be cleaned. Otherwise, it will decrease the airflow. Thus, it becomes difficult for the coil to absorb the heat properly. Thus, access the air-conditioner coil and clean it once a month at least.

Pull-out Debris: When the compressor is left outside over a period of time, it ends up with dirt and other particles on the outer cover of the air conditioner. All these particles affect the cooling capacity of air conditioner along with its airflow. Therefore, check the external outlet compressor cover of the AC unit and remove the unwanted portion.

Clean Coil Fins: Aluminum fins on evaporator and condenser coils are easily bendable and block airflow inside. Thus, it’s compulsory to inspect the coil fins and straighten them from time to time with an external component. When needed one should unscrew and lift the metal box to have access over coil fins.

AC Unit: Most of the central air conditioners are equipped with outdoor and indoor units. The outdoor AC consists of a compressor or condenser whereas the indoor unit contains an evaporator. To clean this, it is advisable to use a soft bristle brush to clean both types of units of AC.

Grease the Drain Tube: The water comes out of the furnace when the AC has a clogged drain tube. Now you may ask what clogs the condensate drain tube? Air conditioning coils contain bacteria that seem to clog the drain tube over time. Pan tablets are available in the market to eliminate clogs in the condensed drain tube.

Inspect wiring and components: Before carrying out this step first, you should turn off the power supply to the AC unit and then remove the access panel on the condensing unit. Look for signs of melted and burned insulation wires. Ensure that the electrical connections are in proper condition. If you have an electrical tester use it to check the capacitors in the unit.

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Author: Howard Caldwell