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Best of the results are always achieved by calm minds. A chattering mind, jumbled up thought process, niggling worries and apprehensions over outcomes are not what helps a candidate in competitive examination.

Learn to quiet your mind and to stay calm. As your preparations continue to excel in the competitive exam with a target of scoring a job at the end of it, a restless mind wanders away conjuring all sorts of worries and negatives. Don’t fall prey to it.

Worrying doesn’t help and apprehensions on whether you will achieve the goal or not are going to be just mental obstacles in your journey to success. Tell the mind that what you have set to achieve is not beyond the realms of possibility and that you are not just chasing some rainbow.

Telangana government has announced a whopping number of jobs and these postings are just waiting for the right aspirants who are willing to strive for them. The goal is set and the path should be that of complete focus and putting in required energies with intensive studies. However, having embarked on the journey, ensure the focus remains unwavered.

Chase away inner demons with a positive mindset. The more positive you are, the easier the preparations are going to be and so will the outcome.

Never doubt yourself and never allow others to sow the seeds of negativity. The more you reaffirm to yourself on the possibilities of success in examination, the more energised you feel.

Meditation does help. Make it a daily practice to spare few minutes after few hours of study. Sit back, and use the time to still your mind and let the positive thoughts and energies flow in. Let the people around you, family and friends, also help you stay positive with encouraging words.



Author: Howard Caldwell