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Hyderabad: The spine surgeons at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Secunderabad, on Thursday said they have successfully conducted complex spinal corrective surgeries on two-young Iraqi girls who were suffering from congenital scoliosis, the spinal ailment that causes hunchback deformity.

With the financial support from the Government of Iraq, the parents of the 14 year and 17 year-old young girls, brought them to KIMS with rapidly growing spine deformity that was causing upper body swinging away from the trunk, difficulty in walking, breathing, back pain and distorted physical appearance.

Tests revealed the youngsters had congenital dorsal Kyphoscoliosis and one of them had spinal cord malformation. “It usually takes more than 6 to 8 hours to conduct such complex surgery.

The family was from a poor background and to cut down costs, we planned meticulously to ensure the surgeries were conducted in a single phase,” said senior spine surgeon Dr Suresh Cheekatla.

A day after the complicated spine surgeries, with the help of the hospital’s spinal rehabilitation team, the children were made to walk and on the fifth day, they were discharged in good health, he added.



Author: Howard Caldwell