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Hyderabad: The study of life, living organisms, life cycles of various species of organisms, and the environments they live in – these broadly come under the biological sciences.

Here are some sample questions to help you understand the basics of biology.

1. The time interval of appearance of fever in malarial patients depends on the types of malaria.
The research evidences suggest that such time intervals are –
i) 36 to 48 hours
ii) 48 hours
iii) 72 hours
If any such patient experiences fever at an interval of 48 hours, then the said patient suffers from:
a) Only benign tertian malaria
b) Quartan malaria/ mild tertian malaria
c) Mild tertian malaria/benign tertian malaria
d) Malignant tertian malaria/benign tertian malaria
Ans: c

2. select the wrong statement:
a) Diatoms are chief producers in the oceans
b) Diatoms are microscopic & float passively in water
c) The walls of diatoms are easily destructible
4) Diatomaceous earth is formed by the cell walls of diatoms
Ans: c

3. Which of the following shows coild RNA Strand & Capsomeres?
a) Retro Virus
b) Polio Virus
c) Measles Virus
d) Tobacco mosaic virus
Ans: d

4. Viruses have
a) Prokaryotic nucleus
b) Single chromosome
c) Both DNA & RNA
d) DNA enclosed in a protein coat
Ans: d

5. What are interferons secreted in the body?
a) When serotonin becomes active
b) When lymphocytes become active
c) When the cells are infected by virus
d) When antibody react with anitgens in the body
Ans: c

6. select wrong statement:
a) The Viroids were discovered by DJ Ivanowski
b) W.M. Stanley showed that viruses could be crystalized
c) The term contagium vivum fluidum was coined by M.W. Beijerinck
d) Mosaic disease in tobacco & AIDS in human being are caused by viruses

Ans: a

7. Match Column-I with Column-II & choose the correct answer:
           Column -I                              Column-II
1. Incomplete digestive system         i. sponges
2. Cellular level of organisation       ii. Coelentartes
3. Radial symmetry                            iii. Annelids
4. Pseudocoelomate                           iv. Platyhelminthes
5. Metamerism                                    v. Aschelminthes
a) 1-iv, 2-i, 3-ii, 4-v, 5-iii
b) 1-iii, 2-iv, 3-i, 4-ii, 5-v
c) 1-iv, 2-v, 3-ii, 4-iii, 5-i
d) 1-i, 2-ii, 3-iii, 4-iv, 5-v
Ans: a

8. Indentify the Phylum X:

a) Ctenophora
b) Hemichordata
c) Aschelminthes
d) Platyhelminthes
Ans: d

9. Organ Phylum Function

From the above table find out the missing organ or function 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively
a) 1-swimming, 2-comb plates, 3-radula, 4-excretion, 5-defense
b) 1-defense, 2-radula, 3-comb plates, 4-excretion, 5-swimming
c) 1-defense, 2-radula, 3-comb plates, 4-swimming
d) 1-protection, 2-Parapodia, 3-Visceral mass, 4-Locomotion, 5-excretion
Ans: a

10. Cellular organisation of body is present in
a) Porifera
b) Annelida
c) Urochordata
d) Platyhelminthes
Ans: a

11. Poterion is an example of
a) Protozoa
b) Porifera
c) Cnidaria
d) Ctenophora
Ans: b

12. select the taxon mentioned that represents both marine & freshwater species:
a) Enidaria
b) Echinoderms
c) Ctenophora
d) Cephalo chardata
Ans: a

13. Find the odd one out
a) Adamsia
b) Astraea
c) Physalia
d) Pleurobrachia
Ans: d

14. Earthworm is a
a) Herbivore
b) Detritivore
c) Tertiary consumer
d) Secondary consumer
Ans: b

15. Which one of the following is not a sensory structure in cockroach?
a) Proventriculus
b) Antennae
c) Anal cerci
d) Maxillary palps
Ans: a

16. Juvenile hormone in insects is released from
a) Corpora allata
b) Thoracic gland
c) Proto cerebrum
d) Corpora cardiaca
Ans: a

To be continued …



Author: Howard Caldwell