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Hyderabad: We’ve all attended weddings to celebrate the union of two individuals and their families. But have you ever been invited to celebrate the separation? Touted to be India’s first divorce ceremony, a man from Bhopal will be celebrating his divorce.

Organised by the BHAI Welfare Society, the celebrations are planned to be held on the 18th of this month. The organisation has designed invitations and shared them on social media platforms which are now being widely circulated.

In the invitation, they say, “With the blessing of BHAI Welfare Society, request the honor of your gracious presence at the Divorce Celebration of our Bhai.”

According to the invite, the individual who will be celebrating his divorce won several cases slapped on him by his former wife. He won cases related to dowry harassment, CRPC 125, and Domestic Violence 2005.

As a part of celebrations, the man will immerse the garlands, perform yagn to purify his virtue, take seven steps and promises for the dignity of man, and take part in Justice Sangeet. A special guest will also be attending to declare the divorce.

The celebrations are set to take place in a resort at Raisina Road in Bhopal. The invitees will also be served lunch by the BHAI Welfare Society.

Reacting to the invite on Facebook, netizens congratulated the man. “Happy Independence Day to the lucky fellow,” one user commented. “Absoloutely fabulous. Never ever seen this, if this is for real. I am loving it,” wrote another.



Author: Howard Caldwell