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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday penned a special note for his mother, who has entered her 100th year. In the note, he shared a childhood story about his friend ‘Abbas’, who was raised by his parents.

Modi recalled how his father brought his friend home after the latter lost his father to an untimely death. As he posted the story on his blog, social media users began to post hilarious memes leaving everyone in splits. The note said:

“Mother would find happiness in other people’s joys. Our house may have been small, but she was extremely large-hearted. A close friend of my father used to stay in a nearby village. After his untimely death, my father brought his friend’s son, Abbas, to our home. He stayed with us and completed his studies. Mother was as affectionate and caring towards Abbas just like she did for all of us siblings. Every year on Eid, she used to prepare his favourite dishes. On festivals, it was commonplace for neighbourhood kids to come to our house and enjoy Mother’s special preparations,”

Soon, the internet exploded with hilarious meme fest about Modi and his friend Abbas:



Author: Howard Caldwell