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Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s announcement to fill up over 80,000 vacancies in different government departments has infused new aspirations not only among job aspirants but also among existing employees.

More than the job aspirants, things can be very challenging for those, who are already employed in the public and private sectors and preparing for the recruitment examinations. Narayanpet Collector D Hari Chandana, who cracked civil services, while she was already an employee, suggests a few tips.

It is always sensible to study in short time slots. I used to fix 20 minutes as my study time slots. Arrange the required notes for the particular topic intended to be read during the 20-minute slot in advance and study accordingly. This way one can cover maximum topics in a short time and it will be very effective as one can continue studies even at tea break during working hours.

Time management
Time is precious and there has to be precise planning for every day and every week. Based on their reading and grasping skills, one has to assess the tough and easy topics. The tougher subjects or topics have to be allocated more time and preferably such topics should be read during early mornings, when the mind is relatively more calm and composed.

Study material and notes preparation
It is wise to read and follow standard study material. Though there is a lot of information and content available on the internet, it is better to follow the best content or read one standard book than reading 10 worthless books. One should not read extensively but should be smart in preparation of material.

Tenth to twelfth standard books of State Board or Board of

Intermediate will have quality information and would cover major topics. Similarly, Telugu Academy books too are very informative. During our days, I used to listen to expert sessions on All India Radio or on TV. One can prepare podcasts and listen to them while travelling to office or during any occasions, when reading or writing is not possible.

Taking too many tests can be counterproductive
Many have the tendency of appearing for many tests during their preparation. But it can be counterproductive as it deflates one’s confidence, in case of low scores. Instead, one should take the tests after completing one full revision of the entire syllabus. This way one can assess their mistakes in a better way and prepare accordingly.

Answering during the exams
Personally, I would suggest that aspirants answer easier questions than tougher questions. One should opt for questions, which they can answer confidently rather than going for the tougher questions during the early part of the examination. Once easy questions are answered early, there will be a lot of time for tougher questions. Candidates can focus more on answering such questions.

Stress management
Six to seven hours of preparation a day will be good enough rather than studying for long hours. One should ensure sound sleep and have a simple and proper diet. Power naps between the study sessions would also help a lot.



Author: Howard Caldwell