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Hyderabad: The actor who played the vicious terrorist in ‘State of Siege’, Abhilash Chaudhary, says that playing negative characters is the most challenging. He will be seen next as a brash cop under Ram Gopal Varma’s direction.

“I understand the characters I play are dangerous, but these are also the most challenging ones. When I play these characters and do justice to them, it is the most fulfilling experience an actor can have,” he says, adding that before judging the morality of the character, he would look at how much impact the character would make.

Coming from a farmer family, Abhilash has carved a niche for himself in the industry through his cynical roles. Speaking of his love for movies, he says, “I had the whole ‘filmon ka shauk’ from my childhood. I loved watching Sunny Deol and would often enact him. I always wanted to become an actor but I have no filmy background. Initially, I was lost and had no idea where to begin.”

Abhilash took his baby steps towards acting when he was studying engineering in Dehradun. He played small roles in college plays, which gave him a great deal of confidence. He later took a job transfer to Mumbai in order to pursue his acting dreams.

“I remember, with great difficulty, I was able to get that transfer to Mumbai. I used to work weekdays and went for auditions on weekends. I did small roles here and there, but my big break was ‘Paltan’ for which I had to go to Ladakh for 60 days. That is when I left my job and became a full-time actor,” he says.

The actors and the whole crew stayed at a real Army base to shoot the entire schedule of ‘Paltan’. He says that staying there for such a long time made him disciplined and adapted to a ‘fauji’ lifestyle and recollects it to be one of his favourite experiences as an actor.

Abhilash is now learning Telugu to dub dialogues on his own in upcoming film ‘Konda’ with RGV. “I play a cop who doesn’t listen to anyone. I’m working hard to learn the language and am super excited to see how the Telugu audience likes it,” he says.



Author: Howard Caldwell