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Hyderabad: Two of the most popular lung spaces in the city, both near the picturesque Hussain Sagar, the NTR Gardens and Lumbini Park are set to undergo a major transformation in terms of design and recreational facilities.

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) has invited a Request for Proposal for appointment of a landscape architect to execute the task. The architect will prepare an integrated master plan and monitor execution of the plan for both the parks.

“The idea is to prepare a master plan for the parks and shortlist the themes keeping in mind the existing infrastructure and upcoming developmental works in the vicinity of these lung spaces. The architect will be informed about the Telangana Martyrs Memorial, the new Secretariat, Ambedkar Memorial Park, etc., that are located around these parks so that they are redesigned accordingly,” an HMDA official said.

The existing parks would not be demolished and the makeover would be done by integrating the existing infrastructure.

“A new design, recreational facilities, illumination, greenery, etc., will come up by integrating the existing amenities and infrastructure in these parks,” he said.

The HMDA has also proposed a revolving tower at NTR Gardens and tenders have been invited for installation and operation of a Machan Tree, toy train and adventure house in the park. At Lumbini Park, tenders were invited for operation/maintenance of the revolving tower and canteen.

“Some of the existing recreational facilities, like the Machan Tree in NTR Gardens and the revolving tower in Lumbini Park, will either be spruced up or new ones will come up as per the requirement of the newly designed parks,” HMDA officials said.

The objective was to augment recreational facilities in these popular parks to match the interests of children and people of all age groups, they added.



Author: Howard Caldwell