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By Dr Modala Mallesh

The study of life, living organisms, life cycles of various species of organisms, and the environments they live in — these broadly come under the biological sciences. From single cell organisms to well-developed species, everything comes under biology.

Here are some sample questions to help you understand the basics of subject.

1. Which one of the following matching pairs is wrong?

a. Mollusca – Pseudocoel
b. Cnidaria – Nematocyst

c. Annelida – Chlorogogen cells
d. Echino dermata – Water vascular system
Ans: a

2. Read the statements regarding Echinoderms & choose the correct option:
i. All are marine with organ system level of organisation

ii. Adults are bilaterally symmetrical

iii. They are dioecious

iv. Fertilisation is internal & indirect development is observed
v. Triploblastic & acoelomate animals
a. i & iii are correct
b. iii alone is correct
c. i, iii & v are correct
d. i & v are correct
Ans: a

3. This has mouth on the lower side & anus on the upper side
a. Limulus
b. Buthus

c. Daphnia
d. Sea Urchin

Ans: d

4. Choose the wrong statement

a. Teeth in chondrichthyes are modified ctenoid scales

b. Air bladder in fishes regulates buoyancy

c. In amphibians, the tympanum represents the ear

d. Long bones in birds are pneumatic

Ans: a

5. Common character of all vertebrates without exception is

a. Body divided in to head, trunk & tail

b. Two pairs of limbs

c. Exoskeleton

d. Presence of skull
Ans: d

6. Which of the following represents the correct combination without exception?

Characteristics Class

a. Mammary gland, hair on body, pinnae, two pairs of limbs Mammalia

b. Mouth ventral, gills without opericulum, skin without placoid scales, persistent notochord Chondrichthyes

c. Sucking & circular mouth, jaws absent, integument without scales, paired appendages Cyclostomata

d. Body covered with fethers, skin moist & glandular, forelimbs form wings, lungs with air sacs Aves

Ans: b

7. Which one of the following matching pairs is wrong?

a. Shell Fish – Pisces

b. Silver Fish – Arthropoda

c. Cuttle Fish – Mollusca

d. Star Fish – Echinodermata

Ans: a

8. This is not a freshwater fish
a. Pomfret
b. Calbasu

c. Rohu
d. Catla

Ans: a

9. Choose the correct statement
a. All mammals are viviparous

b. All reptiles have a three-chambered heart
c. All pisces have gills covered by an operculum
d. All cyclostomes do not possess jaws & paired pins

Ans: d

10. The number of digits in the limb used for walking by reptiles are

a. 4

b. 2

c. 5

d. 6

Ans: c

11. This has wholly or partly lost the ability of fly

a. Emu

b. Owl

c. Crane

d. Swan

Ans: a

12. Which one of the following is a non-reducing carbohydrate?
a. Maltose
b. Sucrose

c. Lactose

d. Ribose 5-phosphate

Ans: b

13. Which of the following scientists discovered the triple helical structure of collagen
a. Rudolf Virchow

b. Mathias Schleiden
c. Theodor Schwan

d. GN Ramachandran

Ans: d

14. Which of the following statements regarding fats is true?

a. Arachidonic acid has 20 carbons excluding the carboxyl carbon

b. Glycerol is trihydroxy propane

c. Palmitic acid has 18 carbons including the carboxyl carbon

d. Oils have higher melting points than fats

Ans: b

15. What are the most abundant proteins in the living world?

a. PEP case of plants & keratin of animals

b. Ribozyme of plants & collagen of animals

c. Alcohol dehydrogenase of plants & melanin of animals

d. Rubisco of plants & collagen of animals

Ans: d




Author: Howard Caldwell