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Mancherial: Parents kidnapped their 18-year old daughter for marrying a man against their wishes by taking assistance from their relatives and finally landed behind bars in Jannaram mandal centre on Friday. A total of 23 persons were arrested and three vehicles were seized in connection with this case.

Jannaram Sub-Inspector Pochampalli Satheesh said that accused parents were Gurrala Balakrishna, and Anasurya and their 21 relatives from Jaligama village in Gajwel mandal of Siddipet district. The complainant was Kota Nagesh from Morriguda village in Jannaram mandal.

Laxmi, the daughter of Balkarishna got married to Nagesh after they fell in love with each other for quite a long time, at a temple Morrigudem on Saturday. But, her parents were not willing to accept this wedding. Police counseled two parties and explained consequences of their acts. They advised Laxmi’s parents to accept her decision as she crossed 18 years two months back.

Balakrishna and Anasurya made a vain attempt to kidnap Laxmi in the past, left her when locals and policemen obstructed them and cautioned that stern action would be taken against them. They continued to speak to their daughter over the phone and suggested she could shift to Jaligama by promising to help the newly married couple in finding livelihood.

The parents rushed to Nagesh’s home in five vehicles on Friday by 5 am. They assaulted him and damaged furniture before taking away Laxmi to Siddipet by the vehicles. Upon learning about this incident, Jannaram Sub-Inspector Satheesh and his head constable Devanna chased and tracked the parents with the help of Thallapet Forest Range Officer Rathnakar by 6.30 am.

Satheesh managed to catch the parents and 21 others at Muthyampet village in Dandepalli mandal, about 30 kilometers from Jannaram mandal centre and rescued the girl, bringing respite to her and Nagesh. He won laurels from many for showing swift response and spontaneity in preventing Laxmi’s parents from abducting her and helping her to reunite with her husband.




Author: Howard Caldwell