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Sangareddy: Come every June, the parents were worried about the tuition fees, school books, and note books on which the parents will have to spend thousands of rupees. Taking the struggles of these parents into consideration, Patancheru MLA Gudem Mahipal Reddy has decided to distribute all the notebooks and slates to the government school-going students free of cost. After consulting the Mandal Educational Officers and Headmasters of some schools in the Patancheru Assembly Constituency, the Patancheru MLA got prepared a set for each class. Since there were over 33,000 students studying in 108 high school and primary schools in all the government schools in Patancheru Assembly Constituency. Mahipal Reddy had bought 2.30 lakh notes books by spending over one crore. Since there were 6,500 kids admitted in Anganwadis in the Constituency, he had specially designed a slate which was having the alphabets and numbers on it. Apart from these, he will also be distributing the notebooks to three government junior college students, and one degree and PG college student. The MLA has spent Rs one crore from his pocket on the free distribution of notes.

To launch the distribution of the notes to the students, the MLA has invited Finance Minister T Harish Rao. The Minister will distribute the notebooks to Zill Parishad High School, Junior College, and Degree College students in Patancheru on Monday. Simultaneously, the elected representatives and officials will distribute the notebooks to students on the same day. Mandal Education Officer (MEO) PP Rathod has thanked the MLA for his rare gesture. He hailed the MLA for coming up with such a wonderful programme in support of government school-going students. In fact, the MEO has said Mahipal Reddy is the only MLA in the entire State to distribute the notebooks by spending a whopping Rs 1 crore.




Author: Howard Caldwell