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Hyderabad: Farmers’ unions from different States have resolved to form a National Farmers union to press for replicating Telangana Government’s policies and welfare programmes for the farmers and agriculture sector across the nation.

A decision to this effect was taken during a meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao here on Saturday. Farmer leaders from 26 States participated in the day-long meeting. Representatives of farmers unions stressed on the necessity for replicating the Telangana model of growth story in agriculture sector across the country.

The farmers also condemned the anti-farmer policies being adopted by the BJP-led Central Government, especially lack of support in cultivation and extending remunerative price for the yield. During the day-long meeting, the Chief Minister and the farmers discussed the issues plaguing the farming community and the measures to be taken to address the issues.

Several farmers leaders, who participated in the agitation in the national capital, had also expressed their views in the meeting.

They emphasised on the need to bring together the entire unorganised farming community onto a single platform and urged the Chief Minister to lead the initiative.

Leaders of various political parties hardly spare few minutes to discuss farming community issues. In contrast, Telangana Chief Minister was the only leader, who convened a day-long meeting and discussed the measures required to address the farmers issues, they said.

The Chief Minister called upon the farming community to discuss the factors affecting their welfare and the reasons for the failure of successive governments in addressing issues pertaining to the agriculture sector.

The Chief Minister said it was unfortunate that those who were supposed to work in accordance with people’s aspirations in the legislatures were neglecting their duties. On the contrary, leaders governing the country were subjecting those, who were striving for the welfare of farming community to untold misery, he said.

“Considering the circumstances, it was time to put up a fight by all the like-minded forces, which were aspiring to bail out the country from these hardships.”

The farmers also discussed about the failures of the leadership in ensuring farmers welfare and in strengthening the agricultural sector, despite provision rich natural resources.



Author: Howard Caldwell