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Sachin Pilot
Sachin Pilot

Jaipur: Raising questions on the police, administration and his own government in the case of the death of a child due to thrashing by teacher, former deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot has demanded the removal of Jalore’s Additional District Magistrate and Deputy Superintendent of Police on charges of lathi charging and snatching the phone of the victim’s family members.

Pilot met the relatives of the deceased child in Surana on Tuesday. He said, “As far as this incident is concerned, it is insufficient to say that it happens in other states. If this happens to Dalits, Adivasis, then we need to bring zero-tolerance. We cannot say that if it is happening in other states, it is happening here too.”

Pilot said, “We have to take some steps to defeat the mentality which oppresses the downtrodden. In the minds of the downtrodden, we have to make them believe that one cannot escape after committing atrocities against Dalits.”

He said, “Should such an incident happen to anyone, we should speak against injustice. Today the government is ours, we cannot escape the responsibility. It’s been 75 years since Independence.

“The government should work to replace the shortcomings in the system.

“The government’s trust should remain. It should be in the mind of the underprivileged that if anyone wrongs them, they will have to face the consequences.

“Wherever there have been atrocities against any poor, downtrodden, helpless, we have gone there. No one should have such courage in future to repeat the act, we are all in responsible positions. Together we will win the trust of the people. Now that child is gone, he will not come back, but we can set an example by taking action.”

After meeting the victim’s family members, Pilot said that even today this family was living in an atmosphere of fear. “It is the responsibility of the government to protect their lives and property in future and we hope that the government will protect them.”



Author: Howard Caldwell