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Shafeeq ur Rahman’s The Star Life Hyderabad, Marks a New Milestone in ‘IIAA’ Indo International Achiever Fashion Award 2022 and awarded as Leading Entrepreneur of the year 2022 which is recently held on 12th June in Jaipur Rajasthan, Bollywood Diva Malaika Arora and many Celebrities attended for this Award Fashion Entertainment & Musical Night powered by Shive Jeweler & RSG Event, many VIP and Bollywood personalities Present this event is a big hit in Rajasthan.

In the Indian entertainment industry, where there are heady tales of aspirants from humble backgrounds making it big in the big, bad world out there, there are also horror tales. It is a fascinating world, where success can take one to the top of the world, and the lack of it can dash all hopes to the ground. In such a scenario.

Mohammed Shafeeq Ur Rahman is trying to make a difference and has generated lots of exciting opportunities for the youth who want to make it big in the entertainment industry. TSL Hyderabad is a platform that aspiring fashionistas can utilize to showcase their talents to the world at large. It provides a launch pad, exposure, proper grooming, and a stage to perform on.

However, his genuine interest lay in the field of fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment, and it was not long before his talents started to take him places. He ended up becoming a regular on the beauty pageant circuit. Soon, he attended more than a hundred fashion beauty pageants in the capacity of a judge and also chief guest. During such events, he has also “Soon he conceptual listed his brainchild, called” The Start Life. It is to date one of the most famous entertainment companies. The “the company made a name for itself by organizing many beauty pageants, fashion photoshoots with well-known celebrities, models, and” fashion figure

“Through the company, Mr. Rahman works to” “promote fresh faces and talents in the fashion and entertainment world. It is his core belief that when given the right opportunity and exposure, new talent can flourish. Without the right guidance and advice at the initial stage,” even the most talented ones can lose their ways, he says.




Author: Howard Caldwell