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Right from the time you decided to give the Telangana State recruitment tests a try, to choosing the right material and starting your preparations with determination, you’ve been at it with confidence. Remember that remaining motivated continuously till you land your most coveted job is very important. So is staying organised.

When you think that you’ve collected enough information or material from a couple of most reliable sources, you’ve to start doing the following things:
— collate the information
— streamline it in a methodical manner so that you can understand it better
— organise it well for quick reference in the future

Motivating yourself by constant reminders of the end goal and attuning yourself to your objectives will help you remain focused. Equally important is the right use of information that can aid in your efforts will go a long way in accomplishing your goal.

Organising the information you’ve gathered over the past few months is not an easy task. So, it is advisable to not get confused with loads of information. Be confident that what you’ve collected so far and the notes that you’ve prepared are well enough to see you through.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the amount of information at hand. Sort out all of it topic-wise. Maintaining separate folders for each subject and sub-folders for each topic will also help. Become a master of what you’ve learnt so far. That way, retrieving the necessary information at the right time will become easier.



Author: Howard Caldwell