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Hyderabad: Filmmakers’ efforts to expose the truth and hard-hitting facts in society through the powerful medium of cinema are not only recognised but also successful at the box office because of public love. The makers of ‘GeetaSakshigaa’ are now delivering the same type of content-oriented subject to the audience.

The makers released a pre-announcement poster for the first-look, which drew everyone’s attention. The poster depicts court and police investigation-related things, providing an outline of the film’s strong subject, which is based on crime and justice.

The striking first-look poster has also been unveiled by the makers today morning. The child escaping from something and the adult shadow on the child on the poster caught everyone’s attention and got the viewers intrigued by the caption ‘Based on Real Life Incidents’.

In the evening, the makers released the second look from the film, which featured the primary cast of the film. Aadarsh and Chitra Shukla appear in the lead roles, and Srikanth Iyengar, dressed as a lawyer, has a serious expression on his face.

With interesting looks and a talented ensemble that includes Roopesh Shetty, Bharani Shankar, Jayalalitha, Anitha Chowdary, Raja Ravindra, and many other well-known actors, the film has captured everyone’s interest.

Anthony Mattipalli wrote the screenplay and wielded the megaphone for the film. Chetan Raj wrote the story for the film, which he produced under the Chetan Raj films banner. Pushpak and JBHRNKL present the film. Venkat Hanuma Nariset is in charge of cinematography, and Kishore Maddali is in charge of editing. Gopi Sundar, a sensational musician, is composing the music for the lyrics penned by Rehaman.



Author: Howard Caldwell