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Sangareddy: When a farmer was bitten by a snake, his son came up with a torch light that gives the light to both sides, unlike the traditional torch. Another student came up with the idea of keeping the birds and wild boars away from fields with a solar-based Crop Protector. One more student came up with the idea of an automatic mechanism of covering the agriculture harvest with tarpaulins whenever it rains.

Numerous such inventions put up at an exhibition by school students as part of the Independence Day celebrations at Sangareddy parade grounds on Monday, stood as a perfect example of the proverb “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”.

When snake bit a farmer Kishan Rathod of Rayapally village of Mogudampally Mandal, his son Bajali Rathod, who was studying Xth Class in a Residential School at Lingampally in Munipally Mandal, has developed a new torch light that gives light on both the front side and back side at a time.

Speaking to Telangana Today, Balaji said that his father was proceeding toward his farm on a night three months ago when he was bitten by a snake. As the neighbouring farmers rushed him to the hospital early, Balaji said that the doctors could save his life. “When I enquired my father, he said that he could not watch the snake because there was no light near his feet though he was carrying the traditional torch. With an aim to create such a torch light that gives light to both the front and back sides, I came up with this new torch,” he said.

Another student SK Faizan came with a solar-based bell that can emit strong red UV lights during the night and also makes sounds during the daytime to keep the birds and wild boars away from the farmers. Faizan, a VIIIth Class student of ZPHS Gummadidala, is the son of a farmer who was having one acre of land on the Narsapur forest fringe. Since his father was spending most of his time in his field keeping the birds away, Faizan developed the model with the help of his science teacher Shoba Rani.

A Science Teacher of TS Model School Morgi in Nagulgidda has developed a simple and portable fruit plucking device to safely harvest the fruits. Speaking to Telangana Today the teacher Lakshmikanth Reddy said that his uncle sustained a fracture while harvesting Mangoes the last summer by climbing a tree to avoid the Mangoes getting damaged. The device can be used to harvest any kind of fruit. The cost of making the device is very minimal. Ainesh Nooka, an Xth class of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has developed the Harvestor Crop protection system.



Author: Howard Caldwell