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Hyderabad: Telangana has requested the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) to furnish data for formulation of rule curves for Srisailam reservoir and Nagarjunasagar Project (NSP) apart from finalizing pending issues before planning to convene the fifth river management committee (RMC) meeting.

In a letter to the Board Chairman, Telangana Irrigation and Command Area Development (I&CAD) Engineer-in-Chief (General) C Muralidhar said in spite of repeated requests, the KRMB has furnished the note placed before 58th Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) dated July 4 1994 of Srisailam Right Branch Canal as against the request of Telangana to furnish the note placed before 16th TAC of March 28, 1981 and other details.

He said the 58th TAC mostly dealt with revising of financial aspects mentioned in 16th TAC but did not include reasons for permitting Pothireddypadu Head Regulator (PRPHR) and appurtenant works with a discharge capacity of 11150 cusecs against specified 2250 cusecs during normal conditions and 4960 cusecs during flood conditions.

However, against the specified discharging capacity of 4960 cusecs during flood conditions from PRPHR and appurtenant works, Andhra Pradesh constructed the same for about 44600 cusecs with four vents of 11150 cusecs each at 882 ft.

Later on, AP expanded the same to divert more than 150000 cusecs at 882 ft against an agreed quantity of 1500 cusecs i.e., almost 100 times more than what was agreed in October, 1977 inter-State agreement. I n tune with the Clause (V) of above agreement arrangement to inspect the system during operational stages and ensure that the withdrawal of water into this water supply system from Srisailam does not exceed 15 TMC in a water year and that this system is utilised only for water supply to Madras City and for no other purpose, Telangana has requested the KRMB to furnish correspondence and efforts made by the Central government in restraining AP from violating the provisions of agreement.

In addition, the Central government enabled AP to receive funds from the World Bank for completion of the project in spite of gross violations of the agreement. That is why the Telangana government was requesting to furnish the note placed before 16th TAC to know the technical details of approval.

Muralidhar said the Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal (KWDT-I) permitted erstwhile AP to use surplus water in lieu of larger distress it is going to face in 25 per cent of deficit years. After bifurcation of the State in 2014, KWDT-II is considering and deciding the shares of AP and Telangana in dependable as well as surplus waters.

KWDT-I did not allow any water to be diverted from Srisailam Reservoir to the outside basin by AP. It also held that in future the needs of inside Krishna basin should be given priority. But the inaction of the Central government during execution has resulted in construction of huge infrastructure at Srisailam Reservoir by AP to divert dependable as well as surplus waters to outside Krishna basin without any concern to the needs of the inbasin.

All these aspects are discussed by Telangana during the meetings, he said, adding that Telangana has earlier made it clear to revise the draft report and recommendations duly incorporating the views expressed by Telangana and also to furnish the note placed before 16th TAC along with other details.

“We request the KRMB to finalize the above issues before proposing to convene the fifth RMC meeting,” Muralidhar added.



Author: Howard Caldwell