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Hyderabad: Abadan in Iran has recorded the highest temperature at 52.2 degree Celsius on June 21. The US StormWatch has shared the news on Twitter saying that it is the hottest temperature recorded on Earth this year.

Media reports state that it is the highest temperature officially recorded in that city in the 70 years. Globally, it is one of the higher temperatures observed before the summer solstice since records began being kept in the 19th century.

“Iran soared up to a scorching 52.2°C (126°F) today. That’s the hottest temperature recorded on Earth this year and one of the highest “pre-solstice” temperatures ever recorded,” US StormWatch said on twitter.

Government offices were reportedly closed in the province of Khuzestan on Tuesday as a result of the heat. Kuwait and Iraq also suffered from unusually high temperatures this week. Iraq has suffered from repeated and long-lasting dust storms of a sort not seen before.

People were quick to respond online, with many concerned about what the rising temperatures might mean for life on Earth.



Author: Howard Caldwell