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Investing can be impressionable, and emotions play a crucial role when it comes to investing. Take, for instance, the way many people get into investing after hearing about the money made by a friend, neighbor, or relative in the markets. But, the experience of investing may not be the same for you and for the weak-hearted; it is tough to separate the idea of investing from the risk of losing it all. 

Against this backdrop, when one hears of successful investors who keep harping on consistently beating the market, their confidence levels with investing take a further beating. To add salt to the wounds, many experts profess Warren Buffett’s popular first rule of investment – don’t lose money and the second rule of investment- don’t forget the first rule. 

The folklore of never losing money with investments is, at best wishful thinking – it is next to impossible for one to never lose money in the markets. To address the problem of low confidence amongst investors and take inspiration from Mr. Buffett’s first rule, ET Money has launched ET Money Genius. ET Money Genius is a time-tested, emotion-free investment solution built on the rule to lose less when the markets are down and gain more when the markets are up. 

All-weather winning formula

To understand the construct of ET Money Genius, it is important to understand what beating the market means. The concept of benchmark helps us know the standard against which the performance of an investment should be measured, and it is a worthy opponent when evaluating investment performance. So, often when someone says they beat the market, they refer to a standard benchmark against which their investment has outperformed. 

ET Money Genius portfolios aim to achieve precisely that – based on an investment strategy, beat its respective benchmark over a targeted investing duration. This way, when the markets fall, Genius portfolios aim that their performance falls lesser than the respective benchmark, and when it gains, it tries to outperform the benchmark. Effectively, lose less when the markets fall and gain more when the markets go up. This is our modified and more practical solution to addressing Mr. Buffett’s rule under any market condition sans any emotional bias.

ET Money Genius addresses several investor concerns, but importantly, it addresses investors’ anxiousness with market fluctuations. ET Money Genius helps investors avoid making heat-of-the-moment decisions during market downturns that might not be best for their long-term goals. Its back-tested portfolio models provide ample evidence of succeeding under any market condition. Moreover, the ET Money Genius engine works hard and doesn’t blindly buy on dips; it buys in when the valuation is low and attractive. Similarly, it doesn’t blindly sell when the markets go up; it does so when they are overvalued in a risk-off environment.

Importantly, all emotional aspects of human decision-making are minimized as ET Money Genius follows a strictly disciplined portfolio creation and management approach. This is done by adopting the dynamic asset allocation and rebalance technique, which has time and again proven to work over the long run in ensuring successful investing. 

ET Money Genius portfolios are suitable for every investor’s financial goals and risk profile, making them highly customized. A proven performance track record across different market conditions is a confidence booster for an investor to stay invested to achieve their financial goals, making a minimal loss and maximum gain the maxim on which ET Money Genius works. 

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Author: Howard Caldwell