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Kumram Bheem Asifabad: The recent incessant rains added to the woes of people living in remote parts of the district with the debilitating effect on the transport system. Pregnant women of the interior villages in particular continue to face nightmarish experiences.

In a latest instance, a tribal woman was gave birth to a baby on road at Nagepalli village in Bejjur mandal on Thursday. Kodapa Mallubai of Nagepalli experienced labour pains as she was being shifted by auto-rickshaw to a hospital. But, a road between Nagepalli and Bejjur mandal centre was breached at a stream due to recent torrential rains.

Consequently, Mallubai was forced to deliver a baby boy on the road with the help of staffers of the health and medical department who rushed to the spot after being informed about the plight of the woman. She, however, was later admitted to a primary health centre and then was discharged in the evening.

Medical officer of the health centre Dr Ashwini said that both the new mother and baby boy were healthy. She added that local ASHA workers would track the medical condition of the woman and newborn.

On July 18, a tribal woman Uyike Gandhari had to deliver a baby on the banks of a stream at Mamidiguda hamlet under Harkapur village in Indervelli mandal. She was being shifted to a hospital in Indervelli primary health centre, but was forced to wait on the shores of the flooding stream on the outskirts of Mamidiguda following heavy rains.

According to information provided by authorities of Roads and Building and Panchayat Raj, 78 roads and bridges were damaged by the downpours in the district. Proposals were sent to the government seeking funds Rs 21 crore to repair the roads and bridges.



Author: Howard Caldwell