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Hyderabad: Raw mango pickle is a tasty and tangy dish, and is a summer special. It is a traditional dish from Gujarat, that is also referred as Chunda /Chundo (Aam ka Chunda). The traditional way of making it is a time consuming process – it literally takes 15 to 30 days. It must be exposed to direct sunlight and must be stirred daily twice until the sugar dissolves and the grated mango turns syrupy and transparent.

As most of us do not have time and the needed sunlight, this is a quick trick to make it instantly and can be stored for a year’s time.

This yummy chunda is generally served with khakhra, thepla, paratha, roti, poori or dosa. Thepla and Chunda make a great combination and even kids enjoy eating it.

This is a gluten-free and vegan recipe and is a good alternative for jams and jellies from markets as they contain preservatives.

• Mango : 5 to 6 raw mangoes
• Sugar : As needed / equal quantity of sugar to the grated Mango
• Turmeric powder : A pinch
• Chili powder : 1 tsp
• Cumin seeds : 1/2 tsp


• Take 5 to 6 raw mangoes, wash and pat them dry. Peel off and grate them with no moisture.
• Transfer the grated mango to a mixing bowl, take an equal quantity of sugar
• Mix them well and let it rest for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes we can see the sugar has melted completely.
• Add it to the pan and cook it on medium flame, keep stirring it continuously.
• Add a pinch of turmeric powder, a tsp of chilli powder, add 1/2 a tsp of cumin seeds, and mix well.
• Cook it until we get 2 string consistency
• Let it cool down completely and store it in an airtight glass container with no moisture.

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Author: Howard Caldwell