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Hyderabad: These days whenever anybody finds a moment when they are not engaged in some work, the smartphones come out, social media apps are logged into, and then what follows is an endless saga of scrolling.

It is the perfect way to pass time. And adding to the comfort are the social media platforms that are increasingly adapting and tweaking their apps to fit the users’ needs. One such popular app is Twitter and its Indian official account, Twitter India recently asked its desi users something, which can never be unseen.

In a tweet that is now going viral, Twitter asked, “aur batao.” For the unversed, it is a phrase one uses to get quick updates. ‘Aur batao’ is the Hindi equivalent to ‘tell me more’.

As expected, desi Twitterati began replying to the tweet rather funnily. Some tweets also received replies from Twitter where they matched their users’ wit.

“Kuch nahi…aap batao Khana khaya? (nothing, you say. Had food),” asked one user. “Aur batao irritates me when a relative asks, aur batao beta shadi kab kar rahe ho?” wrote another.

While some took the tweet humorously and played along, others made it a platform to request the micro-blogging website to either suspend or unsuspend accounts.

Twitter India too replied to some tweets.



Author: Howard Caldwell