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Hyderabad: Learn about important happenings that had serious implications on global economy

These practice questions focusing on current affairs will aid aspirants better prepare for the State government recruitment examinations.

1. On October 29, India hosting UNSC meeting, what is its main theme?

a. Environment issue

b. New technology

c. Global terrorism

d. Border disputes across world

Ans: c

Explanation: A special meeting will be hosted by India on behalf of the UN Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee in Mumbai on October 29. The theme of the meeting will be ‘Mindful of the increasing threat posed by the misuse of new and emerging technologies’.

2. Nancy Pelosi is serving as a….?

a. Diplomat to Eastern countries

b. Speaker of the US House of representatives

c. Special envoy of the USA

d. Foreign relations advisor to the US President

Ans: b

Explanation: Nancy Patricia Pelosi is an American politician serving as speaker of the United States House of Representatives since 2019. Her recent visit to Taiwan has created havoc between US and China. China claims Taiwan as its own territory and proposed one China policy, even though the USA agreed this proposal, but said unification of Taiwan should happen through discussions, but not through by war.

3. As of now how many countries have recognised Taiwan as a separate country?

a. 30

b. 17

c. 13

d. 37

Ans: c

Explanation: Taiwan has been recognised as a separate country by 13 countries around the world. They are in South America, the Caribbean, Oceania, and the Vatican. The UN does not recognise Taiwan as a separate country. India does not have any diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

4. Hellfire R9X is in news recently, what is it?

a. Secret weapon

b. New variant of Corona

c. A computer virus, can disturb world Banking system

d. None

Ans: a

Explanation: The Hellfire R9X missile (‘Ninja missile’) was a secret weapon used by the US military to kill the Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri on the balcony of a safe house in Kabul. Better known in military circles as the AGM-114 R9X, the Hellfire R9X is a US-origin missile known to cause minimum collateral damage while engaging individual targets.

5. Pitch Black 2022 is in news in recent times, what is it?

a. It is a new kind of sport event

b. Air combat exercise

c. A mock drill to educate about environment issues

d. A voyage to Antarctica

Ans: b

Explanation: India is going to be a part of Pitch Black 2022, which is a 17 nation mega air combat exercise. The three week-long military exercise is scheduled to take place from August 19 to September 6. Over 100 aircraft and 2,500 military personnel from 17 nations will be part of the drill.

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Author: Howard Caldwell