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Hyderabad: Ever since the release of Yash’s ‘KGF’, the nation has seen a whole different kind of rage that was never seen before. While Yash has become a new rising star who has been adored and followed by millions, his swag of Rocky Bhai from the film has been creating examples of its madness among the audience which was witnessed at many saloons around the nation who specially offered Rocky Bhai’s hairstyle and beard for fans who are just going gaga over it.

If we look at the success of Yash post the release ‘KGF’ franchise, it’s just magical and has never been witnessed before. Be it the charisma of his style or his long-haired style, or beard, everything has been followed by his fans. This could be justified after seeing the menu card of the saloons that have introduced a special Yash’s Rocky Bhai hairstyle and beard styling for their customers.

Saloons from different parts of the nation were seen providing Rocky Bhai’s haircuts and cut. To name a few, Suswagatam men’s parlor & spa, Pune, B&B Saloon at Palika Bazaar, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, 9T9 men’s saloon & spa at Dhayari Village, Pune, and Ahmedabad Saloon, Ahmedabad, are among those who have specially offered the raging hairstyle and beard styles of Yash in their saloons.

Moreover, Rameshwar Sen, who owns B&B Saloon in Palika Bazaar, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, shared about the kind of response he is receiving from the customers. He said, “Rocky Bhai’s haircut is a rage and is a hairstyle that is trending nowadays. The customers are asking for it regularly, such kind of craze for the hairstyle is visible after Amitabh Bachchan’s haircut which was famous in the ’70s and now people are crazy for this haircut.”



Author: Howard Caldwell